When you visit our services we consider you an honored guest.  Use our guest parking and be ready to receive a warm welcome at the door.  We hope you will stop by our Welcome Center where we have a free gift for you.  Once a month we prepare a lunch in honor of our guests where you will have the opportunity to meet some of our elders as well as our ministry staff.  Before every Sunday service we pray for all who will be in attendance that our faith in Jesus might grow stronger and that each person will receive exactly what is needed to walk more closely with our loving God.  We look forward to meeting you!


Sunday Mornings

9:30 Worship
10:45 Bible Classes for all ages

Connection Groups

Groups meet in homes around the Clear Lake area on various days and times each week.


You can expect Bible-based sermons, weekly communion, and a cappella and instrumental singing. You will see men and women serving communion and serving in other ways during the service. Young children are welcome to stay with you in the service or go to Praise Kids.

Everyone is welcome to pray with a minister, an elder, by themselves or anyone else during our Family Prayer which is offered at every assembly.


The Clear Lake Student Ministry is set on providing a place of refuge and growth for all students in 6th-12th grades. We believe that primarily through working and playing together we can foster a safe community for young people to belong, believe, and become like Jesus.

Youth from 6th – 12th grade are upstairs in the Refuge Youth Center for Bible class.


Please, bring your kids with you to church! We don’t just babysit. We have something for all ages every Sunday during our Bible class hour and Worship. We have a fun and safe environment where they will learn at an age-appropriate level about God’s redeeming love.

Clear Lake Kids’ ministry is for children from infant—5th grade. Nursery for infant - Kindergarten opens at 9:15 am and continues through the end of Bible class time. Children 1st grade - 5th grade begin in the sanctuary with their parents and are dismissed for Praise Kids after communion. They transition to Team Kid during Bible class time.



We have several designated parking spaces for visitors. Feel free to use one.

What To Wear?

You'll see everything from jeans and shorts to suits and dresses. This church is for everyone!

Welcome Team

We have greeters at the entrances who can help you with any questions. You may also stop by our Welcome Centers in either foyer for information and a free gift.

Guests please use the Guest Entrance for the shortest walk to the Nursery, Kids' Ministry check in, Youth Entrance, and the Sanctuary.

Parents with children infant through 2 years will turn right at the end of the hallway for the nursery. Children 3 years old through 5th grade will begin in the sanctuary with their paretns OR Parents are welcom to go ahead and check them inat room 129 in the gym, which is through the gym doors to the left. Youth, 6th – 12th will workship in the sancturay  then for Bible class hour they can use the stairway in the gym to go up to the Refuge Youth Center.

Adults with no children are welcome to use either the Guest Entrance or the Fellowship Hall entrance, which allows easier access to most adult Bible class rooms.