Our student ministry is called Refuge for a reason. Our goal is to be a place where every teenager can belong, believe, and become. The Refuge Student Ministry is a safe place to stretch and grow alongside other teens, but supported and loved by faithful adults.

Upcoming Events

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    People that love Jesus love other people. We want our students to live their faith out by serving other people, so we spend time and resources loving people near and far.

    Intergenerational Relationships

    While we work hard to foster relationships between teens, we take special care to put faithful adults around our students. This leads to students not just feeling like they belong in youth group, but that they are connected to the church as a whole.


    The foundation of every faith is Christ. We want every teen to enjoy encountering Jesus through biblical truths. We pray this will lead to them seeking Him in their own time.


    Huddle and Muddle

    We believe community is best in small groups, and we think those small groups should be in homes! Every Wednesday we have a High School Huddle and a Middle School Muddle that meet in homes to hang out and talk about life with Jesus.

    Bible Class Hour

    We meet every Sunday morning in the youth center for breakfast and Bible Class. We start breakfast at 9:00am and usually begin class around 9:20. We think it’s so important to learn about God in ways that engage the mind, body, and spirit, so no class is ever the same!

    Worship Stew

    During the school year, we meet one Saturday evening per month to worship God in a setting that is pretty unlike most offerings. There is no agenda other than to let the Holy Spirit lead the way. We typically meet the second Saturday of each month at 8:30pm in the Refuge.


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    Time away from home will allow you to draw closer to God and to other students at Clear Lake.