“The church is the only cooperative society in the world that exists for the benefit of its nonmembers.”

-William Temple.

As a local body of Christ, one of our highest callings is to reach out to others with the message of salvation and be witnesses among them -- salt and light (Matt 5:13-15) in a dark and decaying world --


Impact Week

Since its inception the summer of 2008, Impact Week has been one of our most effective church-wide efforts to reach out to our community and share the unconditional love of God with our neighbors. Led by our youth ministry and supported by a strong contingent of volunteers from our church family, Impact Week is an effort to pray for and serve our neighbors, with “no strings attached.” Our goals during Impact Week are to “Love God. Love Others.” (Mark 12:30-31) and to put “God’s Love in Action” (I John 3:16-18).

Christian Outreach Alliance

COA is a cooperative of local churches ministering to the people of Clear Lake and surrounding communities with programs such as after school tutoring, Girl Scout troops, summer camps, and special events. The goal is to reach out with God’s love to see the Clear Lake Area transformed into a community with less crime, fewer high school dropouts, a lower unemployment rate, and a presence of God in every household.

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Ratio Christi Campus Ministry

Ratio Christi is the leading apologetics evangelism ministry on college campuses across the world. Their university chapters share the Gospel with students, professors, and staff. They train students to stay firm in their faith despite challenges.

Our church supports the University of Houston-Clear Lake chapter.

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Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunction

ACA is a 12-step based program focused on understanding the specific behavior and attitude patterns we developed while growing up in an alcoholic or other dysfunctional environment. An ACA Support Group meets here to share our experience and offer friendship and understanding without judgment or criticism. We are respectful of one another’s anonymity and confidentially. Email us for more information.
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Grow Love

Grow Love is a local outreach initiative centered around activities for church and community members to participate in together on our church lawn. Events are held quarterly and bring our church and community together for good food, good times, and, most importantly, to watch how God grows love within us as we spend time together. If you have any questions, email us.


Europe - Albania

Several Clear Lake members made friendships in Durres and Vlore, Albania beginning with a summer mission trip in 2010. Shkelquim (“Cimi”) and Anila Kafexhiu work with the Church of Christ in downtown Durres, Albania. Our church provides monthly support to their congregation which is combined with contributions from other churches and supporters and transferred through the Adams Boulevard Church of Christ in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

You can learn more about the church in Durres through Cimi’s Facebook page: Facebook: Shkelqim Kafexhiu

How do you say those names?
Cimi sounds like “Chi-mee”
Shkelqim sounds like “Sh-kel-cheem"
Anila sounds like "A-nee-la”
Kafexhiu sounds like “Ka-fe-jee-you"

Here is a recording to help you learn how to say Shkelquim’s and Anila's names.

Click here for a short video featuring the group at their recent retreat.

Individual Missional Support

We have several members who are called to be missionaries overseas. These are short and long term missions. Past and present, we have supported missions to Kenya, Uganda, China, Albania and Haiti.


The Mercy Tree

The Mercy Tree ministry is a place for the homeless and hungry to be fed. Volunteers provide simple hot meals and cold drinks for 20 people. The meals can be home cooked, store bought or take-out.

Our meals are served at various churches in the Clear Lake Area, including Clear Lake Church of Christ,  Southeast Church of Christ, Ecclesia Clear Lake, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and University Baptist Church.  Visit our calendar here, then click on any date to view its serving location.

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Boy Scouts

We lend our facilities to two Boy Scout Troops. This partnership is mutually beneficial as they get to use our building and storage and we get to ask them to help us with certain service projects. One of the Troops even serves on our Lawn Crew. We are thankful for the opportunity to support them in their good works.

Impact Houston COC

Impact Houston Church of Christ began in 1987 in downtown Houston with the mission of bringing the love of Jesus Christ to all. Each Sunday, one of the area Churches of Christ brings and serves lunch to approximately 400 members at Impact; many of these families are from the homeless population of Houston.

We do this once each year, and provide help in other efforts, as needed.

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Clear Lake Baptist
Food Pantry

The Clear Lake Food Pantry is a daily testimony of God's faithfulness. Hundreds of our neighbors in Clear Lake receive food and clothing assistance from God through our Food Pantry each week.

The Pantry is open Mondays & Thursdays 8am-11am and is on the Clear Lake Baptist Church campus

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Clear Lake Church of Christ
MDO & Preschool

The Clear Lake Church of Christ Mother's Day Out and Preschool program has operated since 1984 with the purpose to provide a loving Christian atmosphere for parents to leave their children and, at the same time, give children opportunities to develop cognitively, physically, socially, and spiritually.

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English as a
Second Language

We host CAROLE’S ESL CLASS for adults who have some knowledge of English and want to improve their skills. It includes pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This class is free and meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. For more information, email