During the school year, TeamKids is our Bible program for 1st thru 5th graders where our kids learn about God’s Love, Plan, Power and Purposes in a new and exciting way. Each week we sing songs straight from scripture, center around for big group Bible story, break into small application/activity groups, come back together for a fun game in the gym that reinforces what we have learned, and end by circling up for prayer. Kids can earn points each week by being on time, bringing a Bible, wearing a TeamKids shirt, bringing a friend, and saying the memory verse of the week. Every 8 weeks we open up our TeamKids store where kids can buy fun stuff with the points they have earned. We also offer families extra material and our memory verses as tools to continue the conversation at home.
TeamKid begins Sunday, September 1 during Bible class at 9:15 am. Everyone is welcome!
Email Jason Harvey with questions.