Spring Adult Bible Classes


Hermeneutics: This class is an introduction to ways of better understanding and interpreting the Word of God as preserved in your Bible. The goal is to provide attendees with  solid tools to further study the Bible, build faith, and to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. Although there is a lecture component to the class, there will be time for class discussion and questions.

Fellowship Hall Class 

Significant Others—Our Non-Christian Neighbors:   In this class you will become more acquainted, and better able to engage in conversation, with our non-Christian neighbors.

Ladies’ Class

Resolved: No matter how strong we claim our faith  in God is, when life is hard,     it all comes down to  resolve. Do we really believe what we say we do? Join us     as we learn to stand strong in our faith.

SMOMS (Single Mothers)

Miss Perfect: Join us as we abandon our attempts to be Miss Perfect and discover God’s purpose for our lives without all the pressure.

Men’s Class    

“Authentic Manhood”: Our culture and society offer mixed and confusing messages about what it means to be a man. In this class, we will explore God’s design for authentic manhood, and the perfect  example of a man’s life in His Son Jesus Christ.


Book of John: A study of the Book of John with a specific emphasis on the salvation that God  has made available for those who believe in Him. This class is designed for those who are seeking to know God and for new Christians desiring to understand the concepts of salvation.


El Libro de TitoChip Ingram explica el libro de Tito. Él nos reta a exhibir el evangelio en nuestras vidas a través de hacer buenas obras. No hacemos buenas obras para ganarnos el favor de Dios, sino como resultado del favor de Dios. Cuando el evangelio ha dado raíz verdaderamente en nuestras vidas, produce en nosotros devoción por Él. Al heredar estas verdades a las futuras generaciones, la iglesia se levanta en un contraste brillante en comparación con la oscuridad del mundo