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Team Kid Time

team-kid-timeThe Kid’s Ministry is partnering with our Student Ministry to incorporate into our Bible Class Hour a large group time called Team Kid Time. Team Kid Time starts at 9:15 in the Refuge for kids in Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

Parents will check in their children in at our Welcome Area located at our MDO entrance nearest the playground. Teen “Buddies” will greet the kids as they arrive and take them up into the Refuge. Teachers will arrive to pick up their classes at 9:30 and take them to their rooms for Bible class time. All children can be picked up from their classrooms at the end of Bible class (click here to find out where your child’s Bible class is located).

This transition to include a large group time for children that is facilitated by our teens is an important shift in the direction of being intentionally Intergenerational. Having a time like this will create space for our children and teens to get to know one another in a context of a spiritual atmosphere. Team Kid Time will begin to bridge the gap between our Kids and Student Ministries and will serve as an opportunity for our teens to experience spiritual leadership and mentoring.

Team Kid Time will have a variety of activities to help foster relationships between children and teens, prayer, singing, our scripture memory songs, and games. As with all our events adult supervision by background checked volunteers will be maintain each week.