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Member Facility Request Submitted

Thanks for submitting a Member Facility Request Form. We will contact you if we need more information.  Please call 281-486-9350 and speak with Carrie Colley to confirm that your event has been scheduled.  Please allow 2 business days after your submission for us to schedule your event.

Facility Use Agreement

The representative and organization agree to the following rules and regulations of Clear Lake Church of Christ:

I agree to care for the facilities used in the following ways:

  • Arrange to pick up a key (if necessary) during regular office hours.
  • Post an attendant at the door if door locks are not working. I WILL NOT leave the door propped open.
  • Turn off all appliances (coffee maker, oven, etc…) Wipe down cabinets, counter tops, table tops, etc…
  • Ensure property owned by CLCC is not removed from the premises and all furniture is put back in its original place
  • Sweep floor
  • Turn off lights
  • Lock internal doors
  • Make sure external doors are locked. If they are not, call the facilities’ manager at 832-549-5823.
  • Ensure no alcohol, illegal drugs, or other illegal substances are brought onto the premises.
  • Turn in key (if applicable) within three days of event.
  • Take trash to the dumpster (outside the double doors in the gym) and reline the trashcans with new liners.

(please click here to print a copy to use as a checklist during your event)
The representative and organization agree to the following rules and regulations of Clear Lake Church of Christ:

  • The representative and the organization which he/she represents, hereby agree and undertake to indemnify and hold harmless Clear Lake Church of Christ, its agents, employees, members, trus-tees, attorneys, and committee members (hereinafter referred to jointly as “CLCC”) from any and all claims for damages, personal or otherwise, that may arise out of the use of the property, whether by the organization, its members, agents, employees, or any person invited onto the premises by the organization (hereinafter jointly referred to as “the organization”) and without regard to whether the damage, personal or otherwise is brought about or caused by negligence, whether on the part of the organization or CLCC.
  • In the event that a CLCC-related activity conflicts with the time or room requested, the organiza-tion will be moved to another space in the building, if possible. If another room is not available, the organization’s activity will be cancelled for that date only and the fee(s) for that date refunded if applicable. Reasonable notice will be given.
  • The representative and organization will be responsible for and agree to pay for damages caused to CLCC’s property, exclusive of ordinary wear and tear.
  • The facilities shall not be used where the purpose is in conflict with the aims and objectives of CLCC, nor shall they be used for un-American, sacrilegious, or controversial purposes. All national and state laws, local ordinances and the rules of the police and fire departments shall be observed at all times.

Note: Any violations of the above rules will result termination of the organization’s use of the premises and the organization’s or person’s contract will be considered null and void. Any of the following CLCC personnel have the authority to enforce the above rules: anyone on the church staff, the custodian on duty, or, in the case of weddings, the CLCC appointed wedding coordinator.

Submission of this form confirms that I have read and agree to the above policies.


Fee Schedule for Building Use (fees may be combined if more than one area is requested and may be waived for members)

Sanctuary $80/hr

Fellowship Hall $65/hr

Family Activity Center $85/hr

Other $50/hr

Event Hostess $50

Sound Technician… $75

Deposit $50

Key Deposit (refundable) $25

Custodial Deposit (Refundable if adequately cleaned) $100


Some events may require an event hostess Refundable deposit required for:

  • Equipment loans
  • Some events

Deposits due with request.  Weddings must be scheduled through a wedding coordinator and special fees apply.