Want to use our building?


Church Vision That Guides Our Building Use: Helping One Another to Know God


  • To use this space in a way that honors God.
  • To allow members and non-members to experience the grace of Jesus Christ through our members and facilities.

Criteria to Determine Building Use:

  • Activity fits with who we are and what we believe
  • Space availability
  • How use impacts other programs
  • Evaluation of safety/legal issues
  • Group understands respect for the property

Statement of Policy:

Our church has been blessed with a wonderful facility to carry out the mission of the Church. Therefore, proper oversight must be given to these facilities to ensure that:

  1. Adequate facilities exist to effectively carry out the ministry objectives and goals
  2. Users exercise proper care and safety
  3. Such facilities are properly protected against loss or misuse
  4. Wise stewardship is being expressed through energy conservation, cost reductions and safety measures
  5. The life of the facilities is extended through a proper maintenance program.

Building Eligibility Guidelines:

The facilities and equipment of Clear Lake Church of Christ (herein referred to as CLCC) exist for the primary purpose of being used by its members through its organizations and ministries. Organizations engaged in partisan political campaigns are not eligible to use church facilities for their programs. However, the facility may be used as a polling place for elections. All outside groups or persons requesting use of church facilities must also have and adhere to protection guidelines regarding minors.

The Priority of Use Shall Be As Follows:
1. Recognized Groups Within CLCC:

  • Worship Services
  • Regularly scheduled church activities
  • Church related activities

2. Church Members

  • Individual Parties and Special Events
  • Weddings, Funeral, and Receptions
  • Other informal Church Member requests

3. Outside Groups

  • Church recognized yet non-sponsored events that are in keeping with the building use philosophy embraced by CLCC.


A Facility Use Agreement must be completed by all groups and submitted to the office at least two (2) weeks in advance of the activity. If appropriate, the lead administrator or other CLCC representative will meet with the user, or a representative, when the reservation is made to review conditions of the church for usage, the expectations and needs for the event, and to set a schedule for room set-up and clean-up as needed. All church activities are scheduled on the master church calendar.

Approval Guidelines for the space request use shall be as follows:

  1. All activities shall be approved by the office pending availability of space and the priority schedule, and must be consistent with CLCC’s church vision.
  2. Reservations will only be posted as tentative until applicable forms have been submitted and approved by the office and applicable fees have been paid.
  3. Requests from outside groups may need elder approval.
  4. Long-term impact on the facility and equipment will be taken into consideration as part of the approval process.
  5. Use of the Refuge Youth Center must be approved by the office and the Youth Minister.


The ministry leader or organization representative is responsible for the following:

  1. Submit the Facility  Request Form. Submitting the form online means that you agree and will adhere to the all of the General Guidelines on this page.
  2. After building use, clean up parking lot, exterior and all the areas used. The facility should be returned to the same condition as before use.
  3. Turn out lights.
  4. Report any maintenance problems and damages to the office.
  5. Report any injuries to the office for insurance purposes.


  1. The lead administrator must approve all publicity material and/or public service announcements used by any outside group requesting facility usage.
  2. The sale of admission tickets to the event must be handled by the user with the approval of the lead administrator.
  3. Postings highlighting the event must have prior approval of the lead administrator.


CLCC has a wide range of ministries utilizing the facility. Our desire is for everyone to realize and respect that many individuals/groups use the facilities before and after your specific event. To make your event and others enjoyable and non-chaotic, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Property owned by CLCC will not be removed from the premises nor furnishings moved from any room.
  2. In the event that a CLCC-related activity conflicts with the time or room requested, the organization will be moved to another space in the building, if possible. If another room is not available, the organization’s activity will be cancelled for that date only and the fee(s) for that date refunded if applicable. Reasonable notice will be given.
  3. The representative and organization will be responsible for and agrees to pay for damages caused to CLCC’s property, exclusive of ordinary wear and tear.
  4. The facilities shall not be used where the purpose is in conflict with the aims and objectives of CLCC, nor shall they be used for un-American, sacrilegious, or controversial purposes. All national and state laws, local ordinances and the rules of the police and fire departments shall be observed at all time. Final determination of whether the activity complies shall be made by the lead administrator.
  5. Smoking and/or use of other tobacco products is not allowed on the premises
  6. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or other illegal substances are not allowed on the premises.
  7. Weapons are not allowed on the premises except for those carried by authorized law enforcement agents.
  8. Any thing that would distract from a wholesome Christian atmosphere is not allowed on the premises.
  9. The conduct of all persons attending programs is expected to be respectful of the property, maintaining noise levels that respect others in adjoining spaces.
  10. Activities and programs are limited to the space that is assigned.
  11. Use of candles is allowed only in designated areas and must be approved by the office.
  12. All decorations in the facility and on the grounds of CLCC must be approved by the office. No items may be affixed to any surfaces without the consent of the office.
  13. When children are in attendance they must be under the control of their parents or adults at all time and are not permitted to roam freely on church property.
  14. If any program requires the use of the audio/visual equipment the equipment must be operated by one of the church’s A/V technicians. This service will be included in the usage fee.
  15. The number of people in any one area shall not exceed fire code capacity
  16. Willful violation of any guidelines or regulations may lead to the loss of eligibility to use the facility.