The Journey


One of the major problems that youth ministry is facing at this point is the amount of staggering numbers that continue to emerge saying how few teens are maintaining their faith after graduating high school. There are many theories on how to counteract this trend, but the most common, and arguably the most effective, is that teenagers who have relationships with adults in the church ultimately feel more important to the church body, and have a higher rate of faith retention.

The Journey is set up to do just that. Our format is simple. Every adult is paired up with a student. We will meet once a month, the fourth Sunday, immediately following worship for a meal and some time to engage in community with each other. Every week in between our monthly gathering, adults will receive an email with some ideas on how to connect and will also provide a consistent venue to communicate with the youth ministers. We are very excited about the potential of this ministry and how God has led us here.

We are in great need of adults that are willing to invest in the lives of our teenagers as they navigate middle and high school while continuing a relationship with Jesus. We are hopeful that you are eagerly anticipating being a part of this intergenerational effort.

Email Jarron at if you any questions.