Impact Week

Community serviceImpact WeekImpactSince its inception during the summer of 2008, Impact Week has been one of our most effective church-wide efforts to reach out to our community and share the unconditional love of God with our neighbors. Led by our youth ministry and supported by a strong contingent of volunteers from our church family, Impact Week is an effort to pray for and serve our neighbors, with “no strings attached.” Our goals during Impact Week are to “Love God. Love Others.” (Mark 12:30-31) and to put “God’s Love in Action” (I John 3:16-18).

During Impact Week, we spend our mornings knocking on every door in Camino South and Meadowgreen, the two neighborhoods surrounding our church building, and then we venture out to Oak Brook West and beyond, if time permits. We offer prayer and service to everyone we meet and take down prayer requests, which are then prayed for by a team of Prayer Warriors throughout the week. Any service requests we receive are taken care of in the afternoons by our Service Teams, made up of our youth and led by college students and adult volunteers.Several evenings during the week, we hold family friendly events for our community, such as a Movie in the Park and a Community Celebration in the Park, which are always well attended by both our neighbors and our church family.

One of our favorite parts of Impact Week is hearing the stories our participants tell of seeing God at work, and we’ve been given some wonderful glimpses of the many ways God does work in the lives of people. The majority of our youth say that Impact Week is their favorite week of the year, which says a lot about the impact that Impact Week has on them. We believe that Impact Week is a “training camp” to prepare our church to live out lives of thoughtful prayer and service the other 51 weeks of the year and is a reminder to always keep our eyes open, for God is always at work