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Thoughts From My Prayer Retreat

I struggled with anger and other ugly emotions but this simple line, “Don’t let anyone steal your joy” took me to the New Testament letter written to people who had allowed their joy to be stolen: Philippians.


The Fruit of the Spirit is . . . Joy

“Doesn’t God want me to be happy?”, said a woman one day from my counselor’s couch. She was in a bad marriage and was convinced in her mind that she needed to get out. What convinced her was her feeling level of unhappiness. The most profound thought I had this week while preparing this sermon, […]


Joy that Can't Be Taken Away

Joy in the midst of sufferings sounds like nonsense until one ponders how often it occurs in everyday life: having surgery, giving birth to a child, preparing for an athletic contest, agonizing over information before a big test, pushing your muscles to climb a mountain, and on and on. We recognize that in each of […]