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To ponder:  “When people live together in community, jobs have to be assigned, leaders appointed, inventories kept. Counting and list-making and rosters are as much a part of being a community of God as prayer and instruction and justice.  Accurate arithmetic is an aspect of becoming a people of God.” – Eugene Peterson

God’s church in action: Churches today have many items in their budgets that did not exist 30 years ago. One of those is software. At CLCC we are in the process of changing our software database and our financial/accounting software. Your office staff has been working on this for months and soon we will be introducing it to you. Be listening for “Clear Lake Connect” and “Push Pay” in the near future. We look forward to inviting you to be a part of this journey with us. We also want you to know that while our software functionality is going to greatly increase, that software budget category mentioned earlier will not.

You are welcome to contact Sharon Duncan to discuss the church’s finances.



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