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Old -fashioned hospitality never goes out of style.  A BIG thank you to those of you who understand this principle and have shared many a meal with others.  It has come to our attention in the weeks post Harvey that providing a meal is not only encouraging for those new moms or those just home from the hospital, but also to those who are recovering from a natural disaster.

While old fashioned hospitality has not gone out of style, the ways to “take a meal” have changed.  Here are ways that meals have been provided in recent weeks:  delivery from a restaurant, take out from a restaurant delivered by the giver, premade dinners purchased at a grocery store, home cooked meals, and gift cards for a restaurant near the home of the receiver.

We would like to create a long list of those who would be willing to provide meals so that we can better meet the needs of our church family as well as to share the blessing of giving.  If you would be willing to be a part of a group that will be contacted as needs arise, please email

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