New Adult Bible Classes Begin Sunday

These classes will begin Sunday, September 17:


Encouragers: Hermeneutics-  How We Interpret the Bible 

Facilitator: Jim Fletcher

Room: FH (kitchen side)

Why Hermeneutics? Hermeneutics is the way that you interpret what you read in the Bible. Everyone who reads or hears a portion of the Bible employs a Hermeneutic whether they realize it or not. This class is an introduction to ways of better understanding and interpreting the Word of God as preserved in your Bible.
The class will begin with a short course on the writing and formation of the Bible. In one session we will examine the concept of inspiration of the Bible. The class will then be formally introduced to tools, methods, and principles helpful when reading and interpreting the scriptures. The traditional CENI Hermeneutic (Command, Example, and Necessary Inference) employed by the American Restoration Movement churches will form the basis of one session as we discuss its strengths, weaknesses, and its effects on churches (especially the mainline Churches of Christ). There will be emphasis on interpretation of familiar scriptures using good Bible interpreting principles, with particular attention to important issues such as grammar, context, genre, culture, history, and authorial intent. Another feature of the class will be a session on several of the different translations of the Bible available today, their differences, and their uses, with comments from the class and other Clear Lake members of why they prefer their translation.
This will be a multi-media class with liberal use of examples, photographs, historical references, and music (to illustrate psalms, canticles, and possible early Christian songs in the Bible). The goal of this class is to provide attendees with solid tools to further study the Bible, build faith, and to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. Although there is a lecture component to the class, there will be time for class discussion and questions.


Time for Contemplation

Facilitator: Byron Fike

Room: 13

Each Sunday morning we will practice such ancient spiritual disciplines as Lectio Divina (or di vine reading of Scripture), community reading of Gospel texts, and praying the Scriptures.  Our goal will be to invite God’s Spirit to form us into the image of Christ.


The Mingling of Souls (Matt Chandler)

Facilitators: Carol and Mickey McDaniel

Room: FH (fireplace side)

The Mingling of Souls is a study of love, dating, marriage, intimacy, and redemption. In a culture where the foundations of attraction, love, marriage, and sex are rapidly eroding, Matt Chandler offers an eternal, counter-intuitive perspective from the biblical book Song of Solomon.


SMOMS (Single Mothers):

Raw Faith (Kasey Van Norman)

Facilitator: Erin Kimes 

Room: 219

We all long for victory. Victory over fear. Victory over guilt. Victory over bondage and oppression.

Drawing from a variety of Bible stories and characters, respected Bible teacher Kasey Van Norman distills the singular truth that has existed since time began: while change and uncertainty are inevitable, God is always unchanging and always faithful, even when our circumstances might tempt us to think otherwise.
Wherever you are in your walk with Christ, you will find yourself encouraged and inspired as Kasey shows you, too, can be victorious in Him!


Men on A Mission The Class

“Authentic Manhood”

Facilitators: Mark O’Rear and Kevin Stafford

Room 216

Our culture and society offer mixed and confusing messages about what it means to be a man.  In this class, we will explore God’s design for authentic manhood, and the perfect example of a man’s life in His Son Jesus Christ.



Facilitator: Bill Noland

Room: 15

A study of the Book of John with a specific emphasis on the salvation that God has made available for those who believe in Him. This class is designed for those who are seeking to know God and for new Christians desiring to understand the concepts of salvation.

Facilitator: Janna Gonzalez

Room: 14

The Truth Will Set You Free

In spite of the fact that everyone yearns to be free, most people live in bondage. They are in bondage of lies they believe about themselves and others. Jesus came to set us free from everything that hinders us from being all God desires us to be. Jesus said, “if you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:31-32).

The goal of this class is to help people recognize the patterns of addictions that keep them in bondage and discover the freedom provided by the cross.

La Verdad Los Hará Libres

A pesar de que todas las personas anhelan ser libres, la mayoría de ellas están encarceladas. Se encuentran atadas por mentiras que creen de si mismos y de otros. Jesús vino para liberarnos de todo lo que nos impide ser como Dios desea que seamos. Jesús dijo: “Si se mantienen fieles a mis enseñanzas serán realmente mis discípulos; Y conocerán la verdad y la verdad los hará libres” (Juan 8:31-32).

La meta de esta clase es ayudar  a reconocer patrones y adicciones que crean ataduras y descubrir la libertad que nos provee Jesús mediante  la cruz.

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