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Dear Support Family,

We hope you are having a good week in the US.  We have a new blog update with some new stories and photos.  We are so grateful for your continued support as we serve in Kenya.

You can go to:  http://thedrsbrockington.org/2017/07/finding-our-way-in-kenya/ to read our new blog post this month.

There are just a couple updates/prayer requests to share with you that we did not want to put on our blog in a public post.

  1. Please pray about the upcoming elections in Kenya on August 8th. If you have not seen any articles about the upcoming elections, then you might soon as they are beginning to get more and more international press on a daily basis.  Some of articles have good content about the elections, however I will caution that some of them are not completely accurate to the situation on the ground.  All the missionaries here along with our various mission agencies are continuing to monitor the situation daily.  Given the current situation, we are going to stay in Kenya through the elections.  Chogoria and the region surrounding us are very peaceful parts of Kenya which have generally seen fewer protests.  We do not plan on doing much traveling around Kenya right before or after the election results are announced.  The last presidential election in 2013 was corrupt, however they were very peaceful.  The violence in 2007 after the elections was mainly concentrated in the Western part of Kenya (very far from where we live now) and most likely any violence during these elections would be in that region.  We will continue to pray as the election nears and if the situation here changes, we will make changes as well.
  2. Pray that our work permit will get approved soon. This process can take anywhere from 2.5 to 5 months depending on a lot of factors.  It has been about 3 months now, so we are praying that it will be approved soon.  We are hoping the election will not slow this process down.
  3. The missionary community is going through a lot of change right now because there have been many who have come over the past 6 months.  Pray for easy integration into the community and hospital and for us to continue to build relationships as a team. 
  4. Currently the nurses who work at all the public/government hospitals in Kenya have been on strike for the past 1.5 months over pay/salary/contract issues. This means most of the public hospitals in Kenya have been closed.  These same nurses went on strike for a month in January as well.  Doctors in public/government hospitals in Kenya were on strike for about 3 months this year as well.  When this happens it creates a huge strain on all the other hospital in Kenya, especially the Christian mission hospitals since only the very wealthy can afford to go to the few private hospitals in Kenya. The census at our mission hospital in Chogoria has doubled since the this most recent strike started and patients are coming into the hospital sicker because they cannot access care at the public facilities.  Pray that the strike will end and for our staff at the hospital to be sustained during the increased workload.
  5. Pray for our family as we start in the hospital next month as well as our continued language learning. The last month of language learning has been pretty frustrating and learning Swahili has been one of the most challenging things that we have done.  We have already set some boundaries for our work in the hospital in order to maintain a healthy balance for our family.  We are also blessed with a very supportive leader here and have developed a plan that will be good for our family when we start.  We have learned that it is important to be intentional with our schedule, as there is and will always be a heavy patient load, even after the nursing strike is over.
  6. We would love to hear from you all.  We keep up with many of you on Facebook and love seeing all the pictures/Facebook posts.  We are blessed here to have pretty decent and reliable internet.  We would really love to hear from you though email too. Please send us any prayer requests you have so we can pray for you as well.  There are several in our family of supporters that we pray for on a daily basis.  Sophia enjoys praying every night as well!

Again, thanks for your support and prayers,

Drs. Jared & Jenny Brockington
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