Nursery Coordinator Hand-Off

You may have noticed that there has been some new things happening in the Clear Lake Kid’s Nursery Area. It certainly has a new look, but there have also been some things going on behind the scenes.

Sarah Espinoza was our first ever Nursery Coordinator – what a brave person to step into a role that had never been done before! However, with her  increase school load and the pressures of graduating she had to step away after about a year.

It took a couple months to find a replacement – It really is such an important role it is important to get the right person for the job. Out of the search one person came to stand in the foreground… (pause for effect)…

Karli Knight has come on as the new Nursery Coordinator. She is the perfect person for the job. She has been serving in the nursery as a Nursery Leader for two years, and she is the one who has been working on updating all the nursery decor, and adding the new toys in the gated lobby area.

If you don’t know Karli you should definitely look for you and say hello. Here is a little write up in case you want to know a little bit more about her:

Karli Knight grew up in Deer Park, Texas. She started attending Clear Lake Church about 5 years ago with her soon to be in-laws at the time. In 2013 she married Josh Knight and together they have one child, two dogs, and a fish.
“I am excited to coordinate the nursery because I have a passion for young children and I feel the nursery has a great opportunity for foster a greater sense of community. I believe that mom’s of young children can sometimes get overwhelmed with life and Sunday morning should be a time for mom’s to re-charge spiritually by worshiping together and through fellowship. As a mom of a young child myself, I understand the stress of leaving your child with strangers, and I hope that we can bridge that feeling in the nursery by creating a community. I look forward to working with all of our volunteers, children, and parents.”
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