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The Journey will meet this Sunday, April 30. We will be serving lunch so please bring a couple of dollars to help cover the cost. Please reach out to your Journey partner and encourage them to join you for lunch

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What is The Journey? A ministry which takes advantage of an incredible opportunity for several generations to spend time together, an opportunity that happens almost exclusively in the church. We gather once a month, typically after church for lunch, and you are encouraged weekly via email with ideas on how to spend time with your “Journey partner.” It’s vital to express that The Journey is open to EVERYONE: families, kids, EVERYONE. Please consider choosing to take part in this transformational ministry to and through teenagers.

If you need a teenage Journey partner or are unsure about your current Journey partner, contact Jarron Sharp.

To learn more about the Journey,  click here.





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  1. avatar UnaKeen says:

    Looking so forward to the Journey meeting this Sunday!

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