All Kinds of Prayer

all-kinds-of-gl9gvxPrayer is as essential to our spiritual lives as breathing is to our physical lives.  And yet, many if not most Christians feel their prayer life is not going as well as it could or should.  Sunday’s sermon (1/15/17) was developed primarily with beginners in mind.  And since, as I confessed, I still feel like I’m in kindergarten when it comes to prayer, the five tips I gave are ones that I constantly depend on.

Tip #1: Pray with Others.  It’s wonderful to pray with your Bible class or your Connection Group.  However, to really learn how to pray one needs to get with another individual or group that is meeting for the express purpose of prayer.  We offer two such prayer meetings at church.  Every Sunday at 8:15am a small group meets in my office to pray for God’s blessings on everything that will happen that Sunday.  Every Tuesday at 6:30am a different small group meets in Room 13 to pray over every need we are aware of involving individuals and ministries of the church.  These meetings are open to all.

Tip #2: Develop a Prayer Habit.  Set a time and have an agenda.  If you would like a little book to use as a guide I recommend: Face to Face: Praying the Scriptures for Intimate Worship by Kenneth Boa. If you like that one talk to me and I’ll give you more recommendations.  face to face

Tip #3: Experiment with Different Types of Prayer.  At our church prayer retreats I have done quite a bit of teaching on different ways to pray.  If you are interested in a booklet I wrote to help people experiment with different prayer position let me know.  To learn how to pray contemplatively I highly recommend Armchair Mystic: Easing into Contemplative Prayer, by Mark E. Thibodeaux.armchair

Tip #4: Have an Ongoing, All Day, Every Day Prayer.  Say “Good Morning” to God as you wake and be conscious of his presence all day long.  Train yourself to talk to him throughout the day and to be listening to whatever He might choose to say to you.

Tip #5: Get Off the Guilt Train and Answer God’s Invitation.  When you become aware that you haven’t been praying (for the past hour, day, week or month) instead of following your natural inclination to “beat yourself up” for being so unspiritual; consider this an invitation from God.  “I’d like to hear from you.  It’s been awhile.”

Let me know how it goes.  And please, pray for me that I would fulfill the calling God has given me to preach the Gospel and to discharge all the duties of full time ministry.


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