Scripture Memory Store Day

Please remember to be reviewing all of the Believe memory verses. December 11th we will have our next store day.

Parents will be provided a scoring sheet to evaluate each child’s ability to recite the memory verses from all 10 weeks of Believe. Parents will be scoring their children at home. On Sunday December 11th, bring back the scoring sheet and scripture-memorychildren will be given an opportunity to spend their points on various prizes. They can also save their points to be used later.

Below is the link to download the scoring sheet for your kids. (They will also be available at the Kid’s Wing Welcome Area.) Again, we would like to encourage children in Kindergarten and up to be challenged to memorize the entire verse. However, it is completely fine to only work on the underlined parts. For our 3-4 Yr old kids the underlined summary is the goal.

Click here for the PDF scoring sheet. (If you have a child in the 4th/5th Grade your scoring sheet will be e-mail to you and will include the Spanish versions.)

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