Scripture Memory and Bible Classes


As we start Believe together The Kid’s Ministry will have a unique opportunity to partner together parents in several ways. One thing we are working on including with our Believe classes is scripture memory.

Several parents have noted that they wish we would put more of a focus on helping kids memorize scripture, so we are. Before we get to the details, though, you should know this opportunity will require homework. Our teachers will help reinforce the verses we are memorizing but they only have 1 hour a week. Parents will have to be the primary guides taking time at home each week to helping their kids memorize the verses.

How does it work?

  • Each week beginning September 18th Teachers will hand out the Memory verse to kids as they leave class. The memory verse is the “Key Verse” taught each week – It is on the Key Verse Cards, Highlighted in the Believe Bibles, and on the Family Page as well. Starting September 25th teachers will ask each student to say the scripture memory verse handed out the week before.
  • Parents will be given a score card with instructions on how to rate children on their ability to recite the verses and on October 23rd parents will bring the score cards with them to church and hand them to their kids Bible class Teachers. October 23rd will be our “Store Day” where kids will be able to pick out prizes based on the number of points they earned for reciting their memory verses (they can also save them for later).

Resources to help:

  • Believe comes with songs you can use to memorize the verses. Those songs will be linked in our Facebook Group each week. You are also welcome to share your own resources with parents through our Facebook Group if you have songs that you already use. We are all in this together so lets work together!
  • Also, I know papers are often difficult to keep hold of on Sundays or can get lost. So, also linked on our Facebook Group each week will be the Family Pages with some added tips to help you spiritually engage with your kids during the week.
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  1. avatar Bobbie Baggett says:

    Sounds awesome! Thanks for all the hard work and planning!

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