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We have begun our Church-Wide study, BELIEVE, during which we will seek to grow in understanding of ten key Beliefs of the Christian faith, ten key Practices of a Jesus- follower, and ten key Virtues that characterize someone who is becoming more like Jesus.

Everyone, from infant to adult, will be covering the same material during this study where we are utilizing a four-stage process to facilitate spiritual growth:

Information: Individual and Family Reading (see below)

Each week there is a chapter to read individually or as a family.  These readings are designed to highlight 10 key Beliefs of the Christian faith, 10 key Practices of a Jesus- follower, and 10 key Virtues that characterize someone becoming more like Jesus.

Explanation: Bible Class

Bible class provides the opportunity for children, teens and adults to go deeper into the material that they have read about at home.  For the children, there will be a Bible story and application to explain further the concept presented in the at home readings. For the adults, there will be a video taught by Randy Frazee and the opportunity to discuss the materials.

Exploration: Weekly Sermons

Weekly sermons will provide all of us with the opportunity to explore the concepts as we consider what it means to live together in community that lives out the 10 key beliefs, practices and virtues.

Application: Connection Groups and/or Family Time

Connection Groups and Family Time will provide the opportunity to consider application of the concepts learned.  Within our small group contexts we have the opportunity to be in prayer, in conversation and relationships that encourage accountability.

We encourage all to engage in these four ways.

Also, Believe resources for all ages are still available for purchase in the foyer. Cash and checks will be accepted and payment is due at the time of purchase. The cost of items is as follows:Believe Product Lineup

Adult Edition- $5
Or, you can purchase the e-book for $3

Creer (Spanish Edition)- $10

Student Edition- $12

Kid’s Edition- $10

Storybook- $12

Email the church office if you have any questions.

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