And We’re Off!

Believe NIV Book Flat smallOur congregational study of BELIEVE is finally off and running.  The initial reports from Connection Groups and Bible Classes are extremely positive.  There is a wonderful attitude of expectancy and a deep desire to see how God will work among us as we honor Him by this deep study of His Word.  Even though we have already begun anyone can join us at any point.  

As with most everything in life: the more one puts into the study, the more benefits one will receive.  I was encouraged by the great number of commitments made for the first 10 weeks.  Of those who were present on Sunday, September 11 and filled out commitment forms, 98% said they would read the assigned chapter of BELIEVE each week before Sunday.  (To see which chapter to read this week scroll to the bottom of this blog.)  Those who promised to attend weekly worship was a fantastic 96%! (At least one longhorn fan didn’t check this since I believe he will be in Austin a Sunday or two but I’m counting on him being with us for all the other Sundays.)

Many people (69%) checked they would participate in a weekly family time.  That number looks low because it is the percentage of everyone who turned in a form.  If we had only counted families with children still at home it would be much, much higher.  (For ideas on how to have meaningful family time click here or contact our Family Minister by clicking here.)  Those who committed to attending Sunday Bible Class was 85% and 78% agreed to participate in small home group meetings that we call Connection Groups.

At my connection group last night I was pleased to hear how many had thoughtfully planned how they would read the chapter each week.  Some were going to read the assigned chapter several times before Sunday.  Others plan to space out the reading over the whole week giving specific attention to the thought provoking questions asked in each chapter.    Whatever plan you make, it is important that you make a plan.

As a church may we approach the Scriptures in BELIEVE as those on a mission of discovery.  May we be willing to exert the necessary effort to be informed (through reading), to thoughtfully examine explanations (through Bible Class), to be attentive to exploration (through the sermons), and to apply the material to our lives and to help each other make application (Connection Groups).

Let us know if you would like to purchase a book.  The dates below are the Sundays we will cover the first 10 chapters of BELIEVE:

  • September 18 – God
  • September 25 – Personal God
  • October 2 – Salvation
  • October 9 – The Bible
  • October 16 – Identity in Christ
  • October 23 – Church
  • October 30 – Humanity
  • November 6 – Compassion
  • November 13 – Stewardship
  • November 20 – Eternity
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    Looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for the idea…

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