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There have been several projects taken up this summer to update the Kids Ministry areas. You may have noticed some of these areas, but you may have also missed some. Before going over the physical improvements to our Kid’s Ministry areas I want you to know that you have an opportunity to support your Kid’s Ministry in its effort to improve its areas. How?

  1. You can volunteer your time and expertise – There are several building/painting/creative needs to be met before we finish. Do you have the skills that could help? We will try to communicate our needs so that you have an opportunity to help.
  2. You can donate items to the Kid’s Ministry – What items do we need? We will be keeping a wish list through (click here to see the list) if you have something on that list and can donate it, that would be a huge help. If you have the funds to purchase an item on that list, that would also be a huge help.

Taking ownership of your Kids Ministry can look like many different things. It is your Kid’s Ministry how can you make it your own?


Here are the things we have accomplished so far and will continue work on in the coming months.

What has been done:

  • The Nursery:
    • Thanks to several Impact Week crews we now have new paint in all the nursery classrooms, the bathroom, and the nursing mothers room. The color scheme is the same that has been used in the big kids classrooms.
    • Thanks to Karli and Josh Knight we now have this vision of the Kid’s Ministry posted in rooms 8 and 9. (See Pics in our Facebook Group)
  • The Work Room:
    • The teacher work room is now completely downstairs, organized, and alphabetized. If you are a teacher this room is going to be a huge resource for you. There are still a couple things to be done in here but it is almost completely finished (See Pics in our Facebook Group)
  • The Welcome Area (the area by the MDO entrance – the entrance nearest the playground)
    • We have been working with MDO to arrange the lobby are in the Kid’s Wing to be more inviting to families. So far we have opened the area up by including seating options and a rug to make it a little more homey.

What is to come:

  • The Big Kids Classrooms:
    • We are currently organizing and arranging the big kids classrooms to have more permanent locations. Currently, classrooms often change which grades they hold between summer and the school year. Making the rooms have permanent grades will help parents always know where their child is supposed to go.
    • We are looking to expand media options for teachers in every classroom. Research show that media is basically a language that children speak. Having an option for teachers to easily utilize a variety media to enhance their lessons will offer one more way to connect our kids with the Gospel message.
  • The Welcome Area by the MDO entrance/ Kids Wing
    • Soon this area will also include a place to check in for Bible class and Praise Kids utilizing our Planning Center Online Software (the same that is used in the Nursery for checking-in).
    • There will be a screen put on the wall that will display important information for upcoming Kid’s Ministry/ whole church events, etc.
    • By the end of the year the plan is to have the entire Kids Wing, including the Welcome Area, repainted and redecorated to match the classrooms and the vision of the Kids Ministry – that every child will know “I am a Child of God”
  • The Nursery:
    • The classrooms have been painted, but could use some final touches in the way of decorations. We are currently working on what the finished product will look like.
    • The last area to address in the Nursery is the Lobby area. In December of this year the plan is to re-envision this area to better suit the children that it is meant to accommodate. There will be new paint to match the Kid’s Ministry theme, and Decor to match the Kid’s Ministry vision – that every child will know “I am a Child of God.”
    • We are also working on including more interactive play options for children to enjoy while they are in the Nursery.
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