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Last month I left parents thinking about discipling their kids with the phrase “Lets disciple our kids through our brokenness into Christ’s Kingdom and Family.” What are some ideas for ways we can purposefully disciple our kids into Christ, though?

The author of the blog post I referenced last moth created a follow up post just to address this very question. In it there are some very practical tips for parents that want to begin discipling their kids but don’t know where to start. Here is the link to his post.

I am going to briefly focus on one thing and leave the rest for you to read. First, take time to understand your parenting goals. We plan for a lot of things in our lives, but many times when it comes to the life-long things (like parenting, or marriages) our only goal is to survive. It is not enough to say what your dreams are, take some time to pick very specific goals and come up with ways to begin meeting them.

My hope is that our top goal would be for our kids to understand their significance to God and His redemption of the world.

Here is a resource to help provide ideas for families this month. I know it says July all over it, but I am ignoring that because of its focus on discipleship.

If you would like for me to print you of a color copy of the above resource just let me know.

Lastly, I often hear from parents (and I experience this myself) that they don’t know how to navigate some of the many difficult conversations they need to have with their kids. If you are looking for help talking to your kids about God, death, tragedy, sex, self-image, bullying, etc. I want to recommend this book Talk Now and Later. It is a very practical book to help with all those topics and others. If you would like to see it I have a copy in my office.

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