Serve With Me – Kits for Refugees

         Serving others is an important part of one’s faith. It teaches us about humility and opens our eyes to the mission fields that we live in. Service is one thing that the Kid’s Ministry at Clear Lake would like to highlight more. So, beginning this year, every quarter families will have an opportunity to serve others together.
         These family centered service projects will likely take a variety of forms, but one thing that will always remain is the ability, and encouragement, of families serving together. You will always know which service projects are going to be family friendly because they will be tagged with the phrase “Serve With Me.”  So, be on the look out as this year unfolds for these opportunities.
      Houston Welcomes REfugees
This first opportunity comes in the form of Welcome Kits for refugees through Houston Welcomes Refugees. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve those who literally have nothing here in the Houston area.
How Can You Help Serve?:
  • Pick Up 1+ Cards this Sunday near the Welcome Center.
    • If you would prefer to make a monetary donation to go towards supplies we will have that as an option as well
  • Go Out as a Family and Purchase the Item(s) on the Card(s)
  • Talk Together About What You Are Getting, Who It’s For, and Why They Need It.
    • Write a Card and/or Draw a Picture to Include in the Welcome Kit.
  • Drop The Item(s) off at the Table Near the Welcome Center April 10 & 17.
  • Join Us on April 23 from 10:00-11:30AM as we Put the Kits Together.

This service project is in partnership with the Women’s Ministry. All families who have kids in the Clear Lake Kid’s Ministry and all Women are invited to work with us to provide the basic needs for as many refugees as possible.

If you have any questions – contact Holly Vickers.


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