Resurrection Reflections – Week of April 24

DGR Resurrection Stories

During our “Resurrection Stories” series, members of our church family will share testimony of how Jesus’ resurrection has impacted their faith. To get you thinking about your “resurrection stories, use these prompts to consider Jesus’ work in your life. We encourage you to think, pray, and journal what comes to mind during this process.

We believe that all of us have a faith story. Email Byron Fike to share yours.

This week’s reflection:

How have the Biblical resurrection stories and personal testimonies from this series affected you?

Where do you find meaning in these accounts? 

How does the resurrection focus your faith and the way you live?


Last week’s reflection:

Make a list of the people who have impacted your faith in big and small ways.

What lessons did you learn from them?

How did their examples reveal to you a greater understanding of who Jesus is?

How have those differences affected your life?

*If you would like to add your response to the tree, blank flowers are available at the Welcome Desk.

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