Promotion Sunday 2016 – An Unchange

At the beginning of the year Clear Lake Kid’s began communicating that Promotion Sunday was going to be delayed until September 4th. However, with all the other changes coming this summer we have decided not to delay Promotion Sunday this year. Sorry if this will cause you confusion now but hopefully it won’t add confusion later on. So, here are some details about promotion Sunday:

  • Promotion Sunday will be Sunday June 5th, 2016  for all ages and grades as usual. When your children arrive on June 5th to Bible class they will go into the class associated with the age/grade they will be entering the next school year.
  • Promoting kids in the Nursery happens in a more fluid way based on milestones which are considered throughout the year. So, if you have a very young infant or toddler we may opt to wait to move them up until a more developmentally appropriate time or they might advance sooner.

What about Praise Kids?

  • Promotion Sunday for Praise Kids will occur on the same day as promotion Sunday for Bible classes. If your child will be entering 4th grade next year their last day in Praise Kids will be May 29th. If your child will be entering Kindergarten next year their last day in our PreK Praise Kids will be May 29th. On June 5th they will advance to the older group.

What if my child isn’t quite 3 years old yet?

  • Because we advance in June based on a September birthday sometimes we have a 2YR old in the 3 YR old Bible class. Also, sometimes a 3 year old is in the 2 year old Bible class. Here is the general policy: All 3 year olds are allowed in Praise Kids beginning the day they turn 3. The Nursery (during worship) is meant to meet the needs of kids through age 2.

If you have any questions please e-mail me.

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