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DGR Lent finalWe are collecting feedback about “Cultivate”, the season of Lent, and we want to hear from you. Please click here to take our survey and share your experience with us.

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5 Responses to “Lent Survey”

  1. avatar Pat Freyaldenhoven says:

    I have often wished that I had followed the footsteps of Jesus up to the time of the cross but never remembered to do it until the day of Easter. I am thankful that the church did that and guided me through it this year. I feel like I have a deeper connection to Jesus and the disciples because of it. I feel such empathy for the disciples and how they must have felt when Jesus was laid in the tomb. The shame they must have felt because they couldn’t even stay awake to keep watch through the night. They had bet their lives on Him and now He was gone. All hope was gone. How depressed and dejected they must have felt. And Jesus, when His Father turned His face away…my heart breaks at the thought.

    • avatar Byron Fike says:

      Entering into Jesus’ journey to the cross truly makes Easter rejoicing more vibrant and alive. Glad you were able to fully embrace the season of Lent and pray your Easter season is more joyful than ever!

  2. avatar Philip Sturm says:

    I have truly enjoyed the series of lessons based on the Christian calendar. In the past we have tended to shy away from resources and celebrations sometimes consideredx to be “denominational.” As a result we have thrown the baby out with the bath water. It has been a blessing that has strengthened my personal relationship with Jesus Christ as we have progressed through the main events in His life. Something that can bring us closer to our Lord is a blessing. Thanks to the elders and to Byron and the preching staff for providing for our s[piritual growth. Philip Sturm

    • avatar Byron Fike says:

      I’m glad you have found the calendar observance personally meaningful. Someone once warned Alexander Campbell that he should beware of his haste to get back to Jerusalem lest he wind up in Babylon. I’m afraid that has happened to us. When we decide to reject anything “denominational” we indeed cut ourselves off from many of the historical practices of the earliest Christians and are spiritually poorer for it. Glad you have been blessed and are growing closer to our Lord Jesus Christ!

  3. avatar Sally Forehand says:

    This has been a learning experience for our family, most of the time it is Easter, new clothes, ham, eggs. This year we have kept the resurrection in our minds and heart all of March and April. Thank you for bringing this to our chur families attention.

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