Meet Your Teacher – Heath & Rebecca

Ever wonder who those strange people are that you are leaving your kids with each week? Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Meet Heath and Rebecca McCartney. Heath and Rebecca have been working with the Kid’s Ministry as the Primary Teachers in theK-3rd Grade Praise Kids.

Tell us a little about you and your family.………………..

McCartneyHeath and I grew up in both Mississippi and Louisiana. We met at church in Baton Rouge and got married almost 15 years ago. We have two of the most awesome kids ever… Really. Ethan is 9 and Evan is 6. We all like to take road trips to see family, hang out around the pool and laugh. We laugh a lot!

How long have you been at Clear Lake?

We came to Clear Lake COC almost 5 years ago. We met the Staffords while both our families were living in Corpus Christi and so we had already heard about the wonderful church family here before we ever knew we’d be moving to Houston! We chose this as our church family because we knew we would be challenged to grow spiritually and that our boys would have the joy of fellowship and community both in Children’s Ministry and later in the Refuge.

How long have you served in the Kid’s Ministry?

We’ve both served off and on as needed since we came to CLCOC. We’ve taught and assisted in both Bible class and Praise Kids.

What is it that you enjoy about serving kids?

We enjoy feeling connected to our boys and their friends by serving them. We love watching all the kids grow and learn. They constantly surprise us with their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. We have especially enjoyed teaching Praise Kids this time around as a couple. Serving together is good for our relationship as well as for our faith.

Do you have a favorite story about volunteering you would like to share?

Earlier this year in Praise Kids, we listened as a student led the most beautiful, heartfelt prayer I think I’ve ever heard. When he finished, we were speechless. These kids love Jesus, they’re developing deep relationships with him and they’re not afraid to show it. We’re so thankful we get to be a part of that.



Talk to your kids this week about Heath and Rebecca if they are your kid(s) teacher. Find a way to encourage or thank them for investing in your children’s Spiritual Formation.



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