Your Church Update

Your church updateWould you like to know more about:

  • Vision and mission for your church?
  • How money decisions are made at church?
  • How is the church budget prepared and managed?
  • How you can keep up with the church budget if you want to?
  • How much of your contributions go to missions, youth and outreach?

Come enjoy a light breakfast and join the information-packed conversation this Sunday, February 14. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall during our regularly scheduled Bible class hour, 9:15 a.m. Everyone Junior High age and up should attend. Children infant through 5th grade will attend their regular Bible classes.

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One Response to “Your Church Update”

  1. avatar BettyNeves says:

    Thanks to Liz and Byron for their visit to my home to address my concerns.
    It is always a good thing to discuss issues and try to resolve what troubles one.
    Betty Neves

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