What is the most important thing you can do with your kids to help them build and maintain their spiritual foundations?

There are lots of answers out there, but let’s start with the most basic one.

When it comes to helping cultivate the spiritual formation of your kids just make sure you are doing something to model and teach your faith to your kids. Here is a quote by George Barna

“Fewer than 10% of parents who regularly attend church with their kids read the Bible together, pray together, or participate in an act of service as a family unit.”

If you are doing anything with your children – even if you are not that great at it, or if you feel so awkward as you try – you are beginning the process of honoring your God-given responsibility to be the primary disciplers of your children.

Ultimately parents are not in control of their children’s spiritual life – and that is good news! The Holy Spirit is doing the real work. While you may not be in charge, though, parents are the most important faith influencers in the lives of their kids.

Don’t believe me? According to the Fuller Youth Institute, parents beat out friends inside the youth group, friends outside the youth group, youth leaders, and other adults in the congregation.

parents were ranked #1 by graduating seniors as the offering the greatest quality and quantity of support to their lives.

So what is the most important thing you can do?

Something…Anything. Pray together, not just at a meal but also when kids need help with their anger. Read the Bible together, story book Bibles often highlight great stories of faith and some even give ideas for discussion or prayer. Memorize verses together, start small – “Jesus wept” John 11:35 – then work your way up.

The Ministers and Staff at Clear Lake are working together to provide the whole church with materials to do the time of Lent together like with Advent. There will be a packet available for families with weekly activities for families to do together. In future #TakeFaithHome posts, there links will be provided to family discipleship activities/ ideas that will make it easier for you to engage the faith of your children at home. As materials for Lent become available to families that information/ material will be linked right here.

If you are interested in reading a storybook Bible with your children here are three I like and have available in my office.

I Can Learn the Bible                                 The Story for Little Ones                            The Jesus Storybook Bible

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