New Worship Nursery Coordinator

I am excited to announce that Sarah Espinoza has accepted the volunteer position of Worship Nursery Coordinator. This position has been created to address the needs of children, parents, and other volunteers that are connected with the nursery. Her emphasis will be on providing oversight for those connected with the nursery during worship times, but will likely grow over time to include more as she learns the ropes.

Personally, I am excited to work with Sarah to ensure the nursery is a secure, nurturing environment where each child will see, hear, and feel the love of Jesus Christ so that parents can feel confident their child will receive the highest quality of care and ministry. Sarah will begin this position on February 1st.

If you do not know Sarah, here is a little biographical information:

I have been born and raised in Houston Texas. I am currently attending the University of Houston Clear Lake and am really enjoying the Social Science classes I am taking. And, my life is lived through coffee, not just any coffee… dark roast coffee.

I have been a on the Nursery Leader Team for a year and have enjoyed working with the kids and other volunteers. Recently, I have felt like God has been calling me to give more of my time so I am excited to fill this need for the Children’s Ministry. I am looking forward to getting to know more parents, kids, and volunteers, and helping to keep things going smoothly.

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I would like to ask you to silently commit to praying for Sarah regularly through the coming months, and for all of the Kid’s Ministry Volunteers. Volunteering in the Kid’s Ministry is not always an easy job to do, and it is often a thankless one.

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