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leadership team


At the congregational meeting on January 3, Gary Robbins gave a brief update from the Leadership Team.

It included the following information:

  • In 2015, the church’s leadership invested time and energy in several meetings that considered our church’s future.
  • These meetings will continue in 2016.
  • Our goal is to discern God’s plan for our future.
  • Our approach is to align the roles and responsibilities of those involved in church family life with our mission and vision.
  • To that end, we are planning another congregational meeting in the next few weeks.  During that meeting, we hope to do 2 things: (1) review our mission and vision with you and (2) show how the mission and vision fit into the 2016 budget.
  • A key to our future plans is the role of church treasurer.  Randy Mulvaney has served in that role as a volunteer for many years.  As of January 1, we have a new volunteer.  We are very pleased that Sharon Duncan will be serving as our church treasurer.  Sharon is a long time member who runs her own financial planning business. The leadership believes she is well qualified for the task at hand.

If you have any questions, contact Gary Robbins.

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3 Responses to “Leadership Team Update”

  1. avatar Sally Forehand says:

    As an active participant in the Clear Lake Church, I feel we are not walking to the same goals and many members are a little confused as to the stated goals offered by the leadership. I feel we are disconnected from each other and a little confused. Maybe we need to step back and really learn who we are as a family and then strive together to reach those goals. We as a group of women are striving to meet and greet the women in the church and find out what we need from each other. I do not like feeling disconnected from my brother and sisters in the church, so it is up to me to reconnect and then maybe we can then reach those goals together. Sally Forehand

  2. avatar Betty Neves says:

    I am more than a little confused. Were the people who left given a fair hearing of their concerns about the direction the leadership plans to take the congregation or were they more or less told ” if your are not satisfied here you can go elsewhere?” Was every effort made to accommodate their concerns?.
    Due to health concerns I have been unable to attend services for awhile.
    Just wondering.
    Betty Neves

  3. avatar Byron Fike says:

    Sally and Betty,

    Thank you for expressing your concerns. As was mentioned in the original post (and presented at the congregational meeting January 3), the elders are planning on making a more specific presentation of our vision and mission as a church at another congregational meeting to be held in the near future. (The date will be announced very soon.) We appreciate your patience. It is my prayer that we as a congregation, will rally behind our leadership as we move into the future.

    We have had a small number of families leave our congregation in recent weeks. I have personally spoken with many of them. The elders have also had many conversations over a period of several months. We take those conversations very seriously and were saddened by the eventual outcome. I and/or the elders are happy to sit down and talk with anyone who would care to visit with us.

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