Adult Bible Classes

Adult Bible Classes

New Summer Adult Bible Classes:

Restoration History                                                  Phil Sturm

Room: 20 (Fellowship Hall)

Description: A study of the history of the Disciples movement, which began in the early 18th century in a spirit of unity but which has become badly divided as we begin the 21st century.  Understanding where we are as the a cappella Churches of Christ based on where we have come from.


Parenting Teenagers!                                               Jarron Sharp

Room: 21 (Fellowship Hall)

Description: With the crazy influx of technology, social media, and cultural changes over the last decade it seems that teenagers are  living a life that their parents are completely unfamiliar with. In Parenting Teenagers, we will talk about the challenges and opportunities that are facing parents of today’s teens. We will make our way through topics that are relevant to teens and their parents such as sexuality, technology, and mental health. Any parents of teenagers are encouraged to attend.


Philippians                                                                       Jason Harvey

Room: 14

Description: Follow the themes of Philippians in a discussion based class.


Young Professionals’ Class                                    Veronica Rodriquez, Sean Miller, Zach Bryant

Room: 202 (the Refuge)

Description: The Good and Beautiful God. This is a class for young adults ages (ages 18 – 30 approximately) designed for relationship building and spiritual growth.


Beginners’ Bible Class                                               Bill Noland

Room: 15

Description: The first class is a study of the Gospel of John with     emphasis on the power exhibited by Jesus, His interaction with      individuals, and His death, burial, and resurrection. The second class is a topical study considering topics such as Grace, Prayer, Bible Study, Worship, Lord’s Supper, The Holy Spirit, and Fellowship.

Anyone interested in this class for beginners is welcome at any time as we have make-up sessions available.


Nueva Creacion                                                                Janna Gonzalez

Room: 13

Description: This class, which is taught in Spanish, focuses on growing in knowledge of God’s word.


Men on a Mission – The Class                                        Mark O’Rear,

Heath McCartney,

Kevin Stafford

Room: 129

Description:  This class is for men who wish to grow in discipleship and in relationships with one another.


SMOMS                                                                                    Erin Kimes

Room: 128

Description: Breathe: Making Room for Sabbath.  SMOMS is a class for Single moms designed to encourage spiritual growth and one another relationships.



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