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Discover Gods Rhythml sanctuary screenSeveral weeks ago your Elders invited the congregation to a Thursday night meeting to address the purpose and strategy behind our congregational theme for the year, Discovering God’s Rhythm.  During that meeting index cards were supplied and people were encouraged to write questions or comments.  Several comments were given but only one question was asked.  It was answered by personal email.  However, I later learned that the one asking the question was not asking for their own understanding as much as asking a representative question of what they believed others in the congregation were wondering.  The question was really a statement: Please list some of the spiritual practices that will occur during the Sunday morning service.  Here is part of the response given:

We are working out the details of Advent right now . . . .  The rest of the year remains sketchy.  However, one could expect to see the following in the Sunday morning worship service:

  1.  A variety of Bible readers including both genders, children and a Spanish reader each week.  Sometimes the reading might include the congregation reading out loud.
  2. A variety of men leading prayers – mostly printed from various sources related to the theme of the day.
  3. Videos highlighting the theme of the day.
  4. Other than that one would expect the same spiritual practices we do most every week: Lord’s Supper, singing, sermon, family prayer, and giving.

Outside the Sunday morning assembly we are planning using the seasons of Advent and Lent to help people develop some helpful spiritual practices in their personal and family lives.  This would include Scripture reading, prayer, and discussion; as well as readings from other sources such as specific books and internet resources.  Families will be given ideas on how they can be involved in art projects and other hands on activities.  During the season of Lent we will be encouraging people to participate in fasting and will probably utilize similar resources as described above.  Also during the season of Lent we will have a few special services that could include a Thursday evening meal and foot washing exercise (drawn from John’s account of Jesus’ last supper) and a Friday service that would utilize darkness and lament (drawn from Jesus’ death on the cross).

We are now two weeks into our observance of Advent and I have been particularly pleased with the response of the congregation in using the materials provided.  We plan to give a follow up report at the congregational meeting, January 3.  Make you plans now to attend.  It will begin at 9:15 a.m. in the gym.

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Byron FikePreaching Minister

Byron has been the preaching minister at Clear Lake since 1999. He and his wife have three grown children, who have also devoted their lives to serving the Lord. In his personal time, Byron likes to read books, watch movies, and play with his little dog Willie. He also is an avid follower of Alabama football, having grown up in Tuscaloosa during the glory days of Bear Bryant.


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  1. avatar Sally Forehand says:

    The observance of Advent has helped me to focus on what is important this time of year. I am looking forward to what is coming in the new year.

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