Children’s Candlelight Chorus

Candlelight children


Here are a few important notes concerning the Children’s Chorus:

  1. There is a mandatory rehearsal on Sunday December 20 beginning at 4:30PM sharp. All children planning to participate in the chorus should be at this rehearsal. Children will meet in the sanctuary. Please enter through the guest door.
  2. At the rehearsal, or before the candlelight service starts, you may want to tell your kids where to meet you after their performance. After the rehearsal children will go to their holding room. They will enter the sanctuary during the service and will be dismissed from the stage to be seated.
  3. Please dress children in black bottoms (pants/skirts, etc.) and white shirts with red accessories (scarf, tie etc.).

Lastly, please spend time at home learning the songs together this week.

Email Jason Harvey for more information.

See you at Candlelight!


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