Family Discipleship – 8/4/15

Bring Faith Home 3This week’s Family Discipleship activity features the John video from the God’s Story Series by Crossroads Kids’ Club. Use the talking points below as a guide to help you talk together as a family, depending on the ages of your children you may not be able to do everything.

Watch this video or read about John in his account of the Gospel.

God’s Story: John from Crossroads Kids’ Club on Vimeo.

Discuss the story as a family. For Example:

  • Ask- What about the John story sticks out to you?
  • Ask- What is your favorite part of the story of John?
  • Discuss- How hard would it be for you to leave everything behind, even your parents?
  • Discuss- What are some ways you could become better friends with Jesus?
  • Do-  Compare the characteristics of what we look for in a best friend with the characteristics of Jesus.
  • Do- Try to sit still and listen for Jesus, like John did. (Sitting still is hard. You may choose to start with a minute, and increase by 30 second intervals.)
  • Pray- Dear God, thank you for giving us John as an example for how to follow Jesus. Help us follow Jesus better and become better friends with him. Help us love Jesus like a best friend. Amen


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