Family Discipleship – 7/14/15

Bring Faith Home 3

This week’s Family Discipleship activity features the Christmas video from the God’s Story Series by Crossroads Kids’ Club. Use the talking points below as a guide to help you talk together as a family, depending on the ages of your children you may not be able to do everything.

Watch this video together.

God’s Story: Christmas from Crossroads Kids’ Club on Vimeo.

Discuss the video together. For example:

  • Ask- What about the Christmas story sticks out to you?
  • Ask- What is your favorite part of the story of Christmas?
  • Discuss- What was weird about Jesus’ birth?
  • Discuss- Why is it important to celebrate Jesus’ birth, even when it isn’t Christmas?
  • Do- Color a picture of Baby Jesus. Like this one.
  • Do- Sing a song about Jesus’s birth. (For example: Joy to the World.)
  • Pray- Dear God, Thank you for giving us Jesus. Please help us to live like He did and follow the rules that He gave us. Amen.

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