Family Discipleship – 6/2/15

Bring Faith Home 3 This week’s Family Discipleship activity features the Passover video from the God’s Story Series by Crossroads Kids’ Club. Use the talking points below as a guide to help you discuss the story as a family.  Depending on the ages of your children, you may not be able to do everything.

Watch this video or read the story together in Exodus 12 (or both).

God’s Story: Passover from Crossroads Kids’ Club on Vimeo.

Discuss the Story as a family. For example:

  • Ask: What stands out to you from the Passover story?
  • Ask:  What is your favorite part of the story of the Passover?
  • Discuss: What did God’s people have to do for the Passover? What was the purpose of it?
  • Discuss: How did God rescue His people? How does He rescue us?
  • Do: Name all of the plagues, then discuss how each would have affected the Egyptians.
  • Read: Luke 22
  • Pray:  Dear God, Thank you for always being with us. Help us to be people who always do what you tell us to do. Thank you for saving us. Amen.
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