Family Discipleship – 5/5/15

Bring Faith Home 3

This week’s Family Discipleship activity features the Abraham video from the God’s Story Series by Crossroads Kids’ Club. Use the talking points below as a guide to help you talk together as a family, depending on the ages of your children you may not do everything.

Watch this video or read the story together in Genesis 12-21 (or both).

God’s Story: Abraham from Crossroads Kids’ Club on Vimeo.

Discuss the Story as a family. For example:

  • Ask: What about Abraham’s story sticks out to you?
  • Ask: What is your favorite part about the story of Abraham?
  • Discuss: Is it easy to wait on God?
  • Do: Find a coloring page of Abraham and color it together. Here is one.
  • Do: Sing Father Abraham together.
  • Discuss: Read Hebrews 11:8-12 Why was Abraham and Sarah’s faith so important?
  • Pray: Dear God, thank you so much for giving us examples of faith that we can learn from. Help us to have faith to follow you wherever you might lead us. Help us to listen for your direction and be patient. Amen.
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