Family Discipleship – 4/7/15

Bring Faith Home 3Would you consider your family to be one that is close? It is important to experience closeness within the context of family. Experiencing closeness will enhance a family’s love and trust for one another. Closeness is directly related to two other attributes of family life, security and transparency. Family members will only share their true self with each other (transparency) to the degree that they feel they will remain accepted (security). The more family members feel safe, the more they share, and the more they grow close.

Here are some ways that you can encourage closeness in your family:

  • Continually remind your children that you love them, especially when they make a mistake.
  • Help your children understand that even though they make bad decisions they are not bad people.
  • Pick a verse (like Psalm 136:1) that can help your kids remember that God loves them.
  • Talk openly about your life and your past with your children.
  • Let your children see you and your spouse constructively work through an issue together.

Just like closeness is important in family relationships it is also important in relationships with God. Children can learn through close family relationships how to be close in their relationship with God. They can learn that they can feel safe revealing their true self to God, and they can learn to trust God more.

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