A Letter From Wes and Courtney

citysquareDear Clear Lake Church of Christ Community,

Courtney and I want you to know about an opportunity to support us and Abilene Christian University at CitySquare in Dallas. The partnership between these organizations allows for undergraduate and graduate ACU students to expand their education in an urban context. Through the Honors College, sophomores are able to be a part of the Justice and Urban Studies Team (JUST) studying and working in Dallas for a year. The mission of JUST is to participate in God’s kingdom work by engaging the causes and effects of urban poverty in Dallas. Along with CitySquare’s mission to fight the root causes of poverty, we are focused on the importance of education. The part of our team that Courtney and I are involved with facilitates an educational program called Design for Change in DISD classrooms. Design for Change is a global empowerment program that taps into the power of kids to change their community. We act as guides to elementary and middle school children this year as we take them through four stages: feeling the problems in their community, imagining the ways they can make a difference, doing those things, and then sharing their work with others to inspire even more change. The idea is to instill in them that “they can.” They really can enact real change in the communities they inhabit.

As a part of the “Share” stage of Design for Change, we are hosting a Be the Change Celebration: Dallas. This is the largest Be the Change Celebration in the United States! The purpose of this event is to share the students’ amazing stories of change with the community of Dallas. We are inviting the mayor, DISD leaders, and a host of other civic leaders to join us in honoring these students. We hope their projects will inspire people of all ages to take action for the betterment of their own communities. We want to make this event exceptional to best represent the students, DISD, ACU, and Design for Change: Global.

This year’s Be the Change Celebration will be held on May 2, 2015, at Skillman Church of Christ from 1-4 p.m. We are a group of eight college students. We are in need of financial backing and depend on you to make this celebration excellent. We have an estimated budget of $5,000 for this event to cover t-shirts for the students and volunteers, food, games, entertainment, technical equipment, and decorations. Any contribution would be deeply appreciated.

We are both so grateful to all of you for providing the spiritual foundation that led us to this work in Dallas. We are well aware that we are who we are because we were loved deeply and molded by all of you. Thank you for your support of ACU and its growing presence in Dallas. We appreciate your interest in and support of the Justice and Urban Studies Team and our unique educational experience. If you would like to support us financially, checks can be made payable to ACU at CitySquare and can be sent to:

ACU at CitySquare
511 N. Akard Street Ste. #202
Dallas, TX 75201

If you have any further questions or want more information on how to be involved with this event, please contact one of us at either wtr12a@acu.edu and 832-675-1364 or cmt12a@acu.edu and 832-588-8444


Courtney Tee and Wesley Robbins

The Justice and Urban Studies Team | Abilene Christian University | ACU at CitySquare

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