Family Discipleship – 3/31/15

Bring Faith Home 3

Part of raising a child is attempting to help them attain the fullness for which God created them. Parents can empower their children to a greater level of self-understanding. Many times people assume they have to lead kids by pulling them along, and sometimes you do. But, there are also ways to lift children up and guide them into who God created them to be. Here are some ways you can empower your child(ren):

For those with younger children:

  • Give your child(ren) one or more tasks you know they can accomplish and provide them with positive reinforcement as they accomplish them.
  • As your child(ren) struggles with a task they may become discouraged. Be there for them and help remind them they can do tasks that are hard. Refrain from doing the task for them. Instead ask them questions like: “what’s not working” or “what could you change” to help them figure it out.
  • Deliberately spend time with your child(ren) instead of doing something else. This will help them know they are valued.
  • Talk to them about how God made the very special.

For those with adolescents:

  • Be aware of your child’s schedule and whether or not it is too busy. Your children may need help learning the value of saying no to things so they can have down time.
  • Remind them that God loves them the way they are, and so do you. Discuss with them the importance of remembering their identity is not found in the extracurricular activities (it’s in Christ!).
  • Let your child(ren) make, or contribute to, some family decisions and value their input.
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