Family Discipleship – 3/24/15

Bring Faith Home 3

This past Sunday the sermon and children’s moment were focused on fear. We know that children will eventually become afraid of something. If the fear they are experiencing is of something that is non-threatening (in the children’s moment the example used was of a child being afraid of the ceiling fan), then an opportunity is available to provide spiritual direction by reminding them about God’s power and presence. It is important for children to begin trusting in God very early, but it is never too late to start. If this is not something you have done in the past there are several ways to begin this process.

Here are some ways that you can remind your child(ren) they can trust in God:

For younger children:

  • When your child is afraid talk to them about their fear, comfort them and remind them that God is always with them, He is their safe place. Here are some verses you could reference.
    • Psalm 18:2, Deuteronomy 31:6, 2 Samuel 22:3, Psalm 46:1
  • One thing that can help your child(ren)remember to trust God is to put a verse to song. Here is a song that uses the words from Psalm 56:3-4.



For adolescents:

  • It is important that children not let their fears control their behavior. When your kids experience fear be ready to talk to them about it in a way that they can feel comfortable revealing their feelings. You may not be able to figure things out, but you can remind them that you are there for them and that God is always with them.
  • Pray with your child(ren) about their fears and yours. Show them how to bring things to God.
  • Talk to your child(ren) about some of your fears that you are currently struggling with. Let them see how you deal with fear. Let your child(ren) pray for you, or point you to a verse.
  • David is an excellent example of trusting in the Lord while afraid. You could use him as an example of how to rely on God in fear. For example: 1 Sam 26:1-9 David relies on God to destroy his enemy Saul.
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