Family Discipleship – 3/18/15

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How purposeful have you been about being a forgiving family? Being a family that forgives is foundational to a child’s spiritual formation. All members of the family should work together to create an atmosphere of forgiveness. It is not always easy to forgive others but, with the support of other family members, families can become more forgiving if they make it a focus. Take some time this week to be more intentional about being a forgiving family.

Here are some ideas:

  • Don’t just plainly say “I am sorry,” be more specific for what you are sorry about.
  • Parents should apologize to children to show they are not perfect.
  • When a heart-felt apology is given, offer immediate acknowledgement, acceptance, and gratitude.

Think of it this way, if a child grows up in a family where they don’t experience forgiveness, then it will be much more difficult to experience and understand how God can forgive them. As you begin to focus on forgiving each other in your family, it is also a good time to direct your children’s thinking towards how much God is willing to forgive.

For example you could:

  • Read a Bible story or verse that expresses God’s forgiveness.
  • Talk about how you have felt God’s forgiveness in your own life.
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