Family Discipleship – 2/24/15

Bring Faith Home 3

For those with younger children:

At least once this week pick a Bible story to read together. Having a Bible with picture would be ideal. If you have an Apple or Android device there is a great interactive children’s Bible app that is free. You can enjoy a story together with the app. Click here to visit the Bible app website (they also have the app available in Spanish).

After the story is over discuss questions like these:

  • Who was the story about?
  • What happened in the story?
  • Do you think that made God happy or sad?
  • Should we be like the person in this story? Why/why not?

For those with adolescents:

This week I want to challenge you to share your faith together as a family with someone else. You may have your own idea of how you can do this, but here is one idea. Let your child(ren) invite a friend over to eat a meal together. During the meal take time to say a prayer together. Use the prayer to talk with your guest about your faith and theirs.

For example:

  • Ask your guest if they would like to join in the prayer.
    • If they say yes, then after the prayer you can talk to them about prayer more with questions such as: do you pray often? Who taught you how to pray? Etc.
    • If your guest declines to pray, then your prayer might be their first introduction to God. It also might be an opportunity to talk with them about what they believe by simply stating after the prayer – “I hope that wasn’t awkward for you, have you ever been around prayer before?”

Your conversation about faith doesn’t have to take up the entire mealtime, but sharing experiences like this together as a family is important for spiritual formation and development.


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