Family Discipleship – 1/6/15

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At Clear Lake Church of Christ we realize the significance of families engaging in activities geared towards their spiritual formation. As families interact and deepen their spiritual lives it also paves the way to deepen their relationships with each other.

We are dedicated to providing simple, weekly activities families can do together to build up their faith and strengthen their relationships.


This week we rolled out this year’s theme of Authentic Discipleship. Take an opportunity to talk with your family at the dinner table or in the car about discipleship. Here is a simple outline for a conversation you can have:

  • For those with younger children:
    • Try to name the 12 Apostles with your children.
      • Who was your favorite disciple (or Apostle) in the Bible, and why?
      • Read a story from the Bible that involves a disciple, and talk about it.
    • Talk about somebody who was a role model for you.
      • What is your favorite memory that you share with that person?


  • For those with older children:
    • Discuss what it means to be a disciple of Christ.
      • What would you expect to see in an authentic disciple of Christ?
      • Can someone be an inauthentic disciple of Christ? What would that look like?
    • Here is a video that may be useful in sparking conversation (


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