Family Discipleship – 1/13/15

Bring Faith Home 3


For those with younger children:

  • Here a song that can help you learn the 12 Apostles. Spend this week learning the song and memorizing the twelve apostles together.

  • Here are some good times that you could sing this song together as a family:
    • In the car.
    • Before bedtime.
    • Around a family meal time.

For those with older children (adolescents):

  • Here are three verses – Proverbs 3:5-6; Joshua 1:9; John 14:1 – find a way to share one of these verses with your children this week.
    • Here are some good ideas on how to share it with them.
      • On their social media page
      • Text message
      • Handwritten note in their backpack
    • Feel free to include why you chose this verse and at the end of the day ask them about it. For example:
      • Did you get that verse I sent you?
      • Did you find it helpful at all? Was it encouraging, or did it not really apply to you today?
      • Do you have a favorite verse, or book of the Bible? (maybe you can send them a similar verse later)
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