Family Discipleship – 1/27/15

Bring Faith Home 3

For those with younger children:

The topic of the Children’s Moment this past Sunday was obedience. In the story of Jesus’ baptism  we learn that God was “well pleased” with Jesus. We know that obedience is something that pleases God.

  • Talk with your children about what it means to obey. A verse/story to look at is in 1 Samuel 15 where King Saul loses his kingship because he did not obey. 1 Samuel 15:22 states that God prefers obedience over sacrifices. Remind them that obedience includes doing what is asked, doing it right away, and all the way.

Here is a fun song that you can learn together this week that will help in learning about obedience:

For those with adolescents:

  • The theme verse for the retreat was Galatians 2:20. Think about how you and your kids can take that verse and use it to decorate your house. Pinterest can be a great tool here to get ideas. The goal here is simply to show that the ideas discussed on the retreat are important to remember.
    • Perhaps you can even list some things on the decoration that will be a reminder of what you or they are leaving behind (Crucifying) and what you have to look forward to (New Life/ Relationship).
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