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Connection Groups are small groups that meet in homes either weekly or bi-weekly for the purpose of building relationships.  We have  15 groups this year with over 200 children, adults and teens committed to being involved in developing their own faith by connecting with others.

If you are not yet in a Connection group but interested in being a part of one, please sign up on the Connection Group Interest Sheet at the Welcome Center this Sunday morning.  If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca McCartney.

 Questions You  Might Be Asking about Connection Groups

***As answered by the Connection Groups Steering Team***


What are Connection Groups?  Connection Groups are small groups designed to facilitate spiritual growth through community, connectedness and meaningful relationships with the goal of becoming a people who encourage, support and care for one another in a way that reflects the heart of God.

Why is the name changing from Story Groups to Connection Groups? We have focused on community and connecting during 2014.  As we are two years removed from studying The Story, the name Connection Groups seemed to be a better description of our purpose at this time.

Why is a Connection Group important?  God intended for His church to be a family of believers who encourage one another in faithfulness. Connection Groups offer the participants the chance to experience deeper relationships for the purpose of encouraging and building one another up.

What is involved in being a facilitator (leader) of a Connection Group?   Connection Group leaders can facilitate their groups in a number of ways.  Primarily, the leader will facilitate and plan for the weekly gatherings.  He/ she will also work with and support the hosts in planning and communicating the group’s schedule and logistics.   Some groups are led by an individual, some by couples and some by co-leaders.

What is involved in being a host for a Connection Group?  The hosts provide the location for the group which is usually a home.   Some times a group meets in one home and sometimes there are two or three host families per group.  The host works closely with the leader to determine and communicate the schedule and logistics of a group.

What will Connection Groups be discussing?  Connection Group’s discussions will primarily be determined by the group leader.  Questions related to the sermon will be provided for each group.  However, if a leader wishes to lead a group using small group curriculum the Connections Group Steering Team will assist leaders in finding appropriate resources for the group.

Where and when do Connection Groups meet?  Each Story Group has a host and a facilitator that has volunteered to serve the group.  The host and facilitator determine the meeting place and meeting time.  Most Connection Groups meet in homes but a few meet at the building.

Are visitors welcome to Connection Groups?  Ideally, yes they are!!  Connection Groups can be a wonderful way to invite non-churched friends to be a part of a comfortable, non-traditional discussion of the Bible.  Please keep in mind that it would be polite to let the host family know if you are bringing extra people so that they can be prepared.

Are Connection Groups all alike?  Each Connection Group will take on its own “personality.” Facilitators and hosts are encouraged to prayerfully consider what is best for their group in regards to number of meeting times per month, extra activities, issues related to children and caring for members within the group.  

Will there be a Connection Group in my neighborhood?  Connection Groups are limited to the number of hosts and facilitators who volunteered.  If your geographical Connection Group is full, feel free to sign up for a group that is not in your neighborhood. Each geographical area will have an overflow sign-up list. If at all possible, we will work to make additional Connection Groups as needed.  We do hope that there will be a spot for all who wish to participate!!!

How will the shepherds be involved in connection groups? Shepherds may host or facilitate a group as well as rotate through groups to shepherd the flock.

What is the purpose of the Connection Group Steering Team?  The steering team seeks to provide direction for our Connection Groups, as well as training and support for facilitators and hosts.  It is their desire to be helpful and supportive in whatever ways are needed. 



***Connection Group Steering Team consists of Rachel and Trent Mayberry, Rebecca McCartney, Byron and Liz Fike and Stephen and Elizabeth Carman.

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